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Michael Janetis is a family-owned company offering finely handcrafted jewelry designs in sterling silver, 14K and 18K yellow and white gold and gemstones for women and men. Our designs incorporate an old world mediterranean style with new world modern lines.

Wax Carving

 Each piece is handcrafted from the original wax carving then cast with the finest precious metals. Finally, we finish our jewelry with hand selected gemstones ensuring the best quality. At Michael Janetis we design, manufacture, market and sell our own products. 

Michael Janetis jewelry is designed to reflect the things that you value in life. We look at each piece as timeless works of art that are very organic in nature and have the artist's touch written all over them. From our wedding sets, to our charms, each piece in our collection is crafted with the same care and attention to detail.  Our pieces are also very versatile, so whether you are throwing on a pair of jeans or attending a formal event, Michael Janetis looks forward to creating something beautiful with you!