Welcome to the Team- Nicole Bartlett

We would like to take moment to welcome a new member to the Janetis and Company team. Everyone, meet Nicole! Nicole, meet everyone! Our friend Nicole is working alongside us as we strive to create not only quality jewelry, but also quality content. She is a creative to the core. Wired with a passion for creative outlets such as writing, photography, cinematography, and much more. Over the past couple months, she has been “getting her feet wet” as some would say and we have decided to keep her around for a while. ;) So she may be the one posting, blogging, commenting, and she may just be the person behind the camera.

A few other facts about our new friend: She has 3 brothers, is going to school to get her pastoral credentials, also works at Liquid Assets (for you central MN peeps), loves being outdoors and taking naps in her hammock, and has a serious love for traveling. 

If you have any questions or would like to say “hey” to Nicole, leave a comment below! :) Thanks friends!